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womens ministry

  n the Women's Ministry we seek to prepare women for excellence according to Proverbs 31 v 10 - 31. Our desire is;  

  • To equip women to deal with real issues affecting life, home and secular world.
  • To support and propel women to reach their full potential and more in Christ.
  • To be effective in ministry over coming barriers that hold them back from achieving and being successful sisters, mothers and wives; both in church and the workforce.

Every July the women are invited to our annual Women's where we invite motivational speakers and prominent women to encourage positive self-esteem. Our annual Women's retreat has been developed through the 17 years to meet the needs of the body, soul and spirit.

Outside regular church meetings we gather together on the 1st Wednesday of each month and the 4th Saturday of each month to provide different activities of interest to women and the family. Having our own activities from the Men's Ministry does not separate us but enhances us in our full support of the Men. We have a joint end of year thanksgiving in glory to God 


  The Men's ministry at Faith Chapel is dedicated towards forcefully promoting the Kingdom of God. We work together with the Women's ministry to set out objectives and fulfil the work of the Lord and that of the church within the community.The Men's ministry continues to grow and we welcome you to join us in worship and thanksgiving our Lord Jesus.

Purpose and objectives of the Men’s Department

  1. To develop and assist men in achieving their full potential in the body of Christ.
  2. Help men to take the leading role in the following:

Marriage (including preparation)FinanceHomeFamily’s responsibilitiesFulfilling their roles within the churchIn worshipRoles within the societyTo support the National Brotherhood Department

To assist and support our Pastor and the Ministerial Staff in the following:

  • To initiate youth and young men’s programs designed to help them to achieve their goals
  • To motivate all brothers towards achieving excellence in all aspects of their lives
  • Developing spiritual and personal growth
  • To raise awareness of self value & inner potential.
  • Increase self esteem
  • To initiate social activities
  •  Mentoring and developing programs for young men aged 13 and above

Activities within the Brotherhood department

  • Meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month to discuss topical subjects concerning men.
  • Take the leading role in prayer on every 2nd Thursday of the month
  • Meeting for social activities throughout the year
  • The ministry of singing with the Brotherhood Choir
  • Actively supporting in the areas of:

Hospital visits

Home visits


Prayer groups


Social activities